Only the H is Silent!

Motor Mouth Mahr . . . a true-to-form moniker that tags me as a talker way back in high school. Truth be told, I recall the original designation as something more like: ” You have such a motor mouth, Mahr”. And if memory serves, I did tend to run my well-tuned machine of a mouth, piping up in class or popping off at lunch, like an engine on overdrive.

The adolescent, alliterative nickname continues to enjoy a life of its own. During those years and after a back and forth about the silent H in my name being my only quiet attribute, the label seemed to flit around in a teenaged fog before, touched up and paired down, it was set in stone.

The nom de moi survives today as Motor Mouth Mahr. A brassy girl with a busy mouth, at least according to my peers.

Motor Mouth Mahr. An accurate appellation back then. A current one, even now. This time, though, I have a bit more to say but with a voice more carefully modulated and clearly more eloquent.

And the organization, Motor Mouth Mahr Speaking Services, amplifies all the verbiage I have to offer. The speaking venues vary. My official status, as an ordained minister with The Federation of Christian Ministries sanctions my voice to deliver sermons, to conduct services, ceremonies, and celebrations, and even to moderate community discussions. My life skills, teacher-trained and director-experienced, allow me to speak to real-life situations as a spiritual director, as a workshop leader, as a conflict mediator, and as a community builder. And my love of the spoken word urges me to share my views, my gifts, and my stories to those who want to hear and to respond.

The motor mouth is up and running. Motor Mouth Mahr Speaking Services offers my voice, warmed up and ready to go, with the hope that, together, we can articulate the best in all of us.

The Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) presents Motor Mouth Mahr Speaking Services.

Only the H is silent!