8th Day Dispatch – Touch Ups



Our skin stretches over a virtual landmine of buried nerve endings. Some, like those deep in the back or around the knees, sport puny little receptors which take a great deal of pressure to register a response.

Others, like the ones just under the surface of the lips and the face, sprout much more richly endowed neurons. As a result, our back may need a hot stone massage to feel better while our cheek can feel good after the light brush of a kiss.


An epidemic of melanoma hit Australia in the 1980s and to save the continent’s collective skin, SPF clothing came to the fore of fashion. Made from fabric embedded with chemical protection again the sun’s UV rays, the treated outfits carry two tags – the SPF or protective level of the sunscreen and the UPF – the percentage of rays allowed through the fabric.


Skin so soft or SPF clothes. . . a sure-fire way to feel good all over. And that’s only the beginning. Feeling the love goes far beyond the tips of our fingers and the soles of our feet.

And today speaks to stepping out of our collective skin to touch the joy of our bodies and our lives.

Happy Feel-Good 8th Day!

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