8th Day Dispatch – Aroma Therapy


Misty, water-colored memories. More like a whiff . . . a scent . . . a fragrance. Our smell receptors sit wired into our limbic systems from the beginning.

And it only takes a particular odor to unlock our memory box and unleash our emotions. Memories may seem hazy and look watery but they all smell like something to us.

Right, Barbara?
A cup of freshly brewed morning joe – smells good even to the anti-caffeine early risers. We remember coffee’s discovery. Kaldi, the Ethiopian goatherd, gathered the berries that were waking up his goats and gave them to a local abbot, who soaked them in water that he drank right before evening prayers.

But, we reserve our praise for Samuel Glazer and Vincent Marotta, the owners of a Cleveland coffee delivery company, who asked Westinghouse engineers to design a coffeemaker for home use. Thus, Mr. Coffee was born, endorsed by the baseball great, Joe DiMaggio.

And now everyone can share the smell of Joe’s cuppa joe.


The meditative exercise of deep breathing – the sacred, spiritual act of taking in oxygen-rich air and then expelling it, slowly, carefully, thoughtfully – such holy practice has our noses to thank.

And what better way to breathe our way through life than with a nose that knows the heavenly power and the earthly pleasure of smell?

May our 8th Day be filled with the heady aroma of a sweet life.

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