8th Day Dispatch – Lip Smackers



O taste and see . . . we need our taste buds to distinguish our world. And we utilize our tongues more than our noses – to speak, to touch, to taste.

Via the small bumps on the rough patch of muscle in our mouths, we distinguish between the flavors of salty and sweet, bitter and sour.


Desert diggers unearthed a jar or two of honey from an ancient Egyptian tomb and broke them open to prove the long-lasting if not mystical power of sweet. No wonder honey flowed golden for centuries, used not only as a sweetener but also as a hair dye (gold), as a lip gloss (sweet) and as favorite beverage (mead).


Shall I Bam it up? Emril asks. Yes! we all agree, most definitely.

Yet no matter how sweet it is, sometimes the details of our lives and our responsibilities leave us with a bitter taste in our mouths. And, too often, we can taste nothing else.

Today presents itself as a perfect time to take the zesty chef’s advice and Kick It Up A Notch! remembering that every salty has its savory . . . and every bitter has its sweet.

Enjoy a tasty 8th Day!

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