8th Day Dispatch – Touch Ups



A touch up . . . a dab to the face . . . a pat of the hair . . . a reach out to make things just a little straighter or clearer or prettier. And what better instruments to make the improvements than our own two hands? Those five-digit wonders hold the potential to make and do many things not the least of which include reaching out and touching up.


The touch in touch screens carries a spark of electricity that can swipe open the world wide web. But here our helping hands need a little help themselves. Elements, with the names of Indium, Tin, and Oxygen, form a transparent film over the screens that allows the magic to happen.

Just press and Viola! Entry into whole new worlds . . . and all at our fingertips.


Our hands – doing the work we were sent here to do. But our lives often call for more than what a physical hand can hold or mold. Our communities need more from our feeling sense.

And that sense of touch, the most used but the least noticed, needs some attention today.

So, here’s to a touchy feely 8th Day!

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