8th Day Dispatch – Eye Catchers



Seeing may not always be believing, but the gift of sight is meant to be our second nature, programmed to mature as we do. Watch as our eyes adapt with astonishing ability – opening wide to let in more light when it gets dark, closing in when the bright turns up high.

And, nothing beats our baby blues or greens or browns at converting stimuli into perceptions.


Hollywood first noticed the eyes wide shut of its viewing audience quite a while ago. Understanding that human eyes, spaced two (2) inches apart, view their world from different angles, the movie makers trick our eager orbs into seeing the same image from two different ways.

Next thing we know, we are knee-deep in 3-D. Holy Poppin’ Perception, Batman!


Now is the time to tweak our own images for a while. To look beyond the surface . . . to peer into the depths . . . to see, deeply, with the eyes of our hearts all that round out the dimensions of our lives.

And to drink in such richness.

The eyes have it today.

Happy Eighth Day!

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