8th Day Dispatch- Eye Catchers


The human eye – a sense organ with the inner clarity to see the ordinary and beyond. Working with a photo-sensitive lens, the eye takes in the light energy that surrounds us and translates it into shapes we recognize and into objects we understand.

Angela Robles, a teacher in Galicia, Spain saw it first . . . the opportunity to mechanize written text with her Mechanical Encyclopedia, a patented device to eliminate carrying around heavy text books.
Michael Hart, a University of Illinois graduate student looked into the new technique a little further by keyboarding the Declaration of Independence and making it available for download.
And now, no more lugging paperbacks to the beach. Stand alone E-Readers are here to stay . . . or to go.

What better time to take a moment and “spy with our little eye” the awesome sights that abound before us.
So much energy to notice.
So much spirit to transform into vision.
So much good already visible.

Kudos to all who see and do so much in our world.

Here’s to a bright 8th Day!

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