The 8th Day Dispatch – Lip Smackers



Tasting has as much to do with our eyes and our noses as it does with our mouths and our tongues. Just watch a wine connoisseur swirl the grape in the light and take a long whiff inside the glass before imbibing.
And if the eyes and noses vote in their approval, the heady taste has nothing left to do but agree.


Some like it hot! An understatement for the inhabitants of Si Racha, Vietnam, home of the well-known chili paste. And especially for David Tran, a native of the tasty village who found himself transplanted in California in 1979.

Because he couldn’t find a suitable job or a comparable hot sauce, Tran did what he knew how to do – make the fiery, garlicky condiment from his own kitchen.

Today, his state-of-the-art factory cooks up 20 million bottles of Sriracha a year, enough to perk up taste buds all over the world.


So much to taste out there – new experiences, forgotten memories, future dreams. And each experience comes with its own unique tang. Great day to sip and savor and enjoy!

Here’s to a spicy 8th Day!

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