8th Day Dispatch – Whistle Stops


The ocean in a shell . . . so easy to hear. All you need to do is put your ear up to a conch shell and listen. Our ears process at an amazing decibel. They detect regularities in sound and even can construct narratives from noise.

And all that clanging around our heads? As it funnels into the shell’s auditory canal, the noise turns nice. And then, Whoosh, the ocean in your ear.

Sports fans know . . . ain’t nothin’ like a noisemaker to create a din. The South African vuvuzela . . . the Brazilian caxirola . . . even the lowly cowbell . . . noisemakers cause so much excitement at a game that they have been banned from sporting events.

From the beginning, we realize that when we want to celebrate – from Purim and Holy Week to the Super Bowl and the World Cup – nothing beats a noisemaker.

We don’t need to wait for the playoffs to make a joyful noise all ye lands. We only need a couple of ears – to tune into the sounds all around and to beat the brass in celebration of life and work and play.

Here’s to a noisy 8th Day.

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