8th Day Dispatch – Whistle Stops


Good . . . Good . . . Good . . . Good Vibrations.
That’s all there is to sound – one big Good – Good – Good – Good Vibration.

It assaults the ear and hammers on down the auditory road, banging on the ear drum and sending audio waves to a receptive brain.

Maybe the Beach Boys were on to something.

Who ever thought that a comb could sing? Yes, the personal grooming product we pull through our bed head every morning can be made to warble like a bird. Sandwiched in between the blow reed – air out – and the draw reed – air in – a comb separates the holes in a simple harmonica. All it needs is a puff or two from a wind bag and, in a flash, there’s music.

From a comb, of all places.

How wonderful to live on the receiving end of the divine vibes, moving and shaking in the spirit-filled sounds of our calls to the good.

And how important our work- to redirect such sacred sound and stream it live into the hearts and minds of those with whom we work.

Talk about good vibrations!

So, go ahead, take in an earful of the pulse of your own life. And then, blow your own horn, if only for a moment. The work you do and the people that you serve – sounds like music to our ears.
Have a tunefully musical 8th Day.

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