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With a Civil Tongue
The Mother Tongue . . . What a homey phrase to describe our first language! Because, just like baby birds, we parrot the native sounds and symbols of our birthplace along with the rest of our compatriots.
Nationalities aside, though, we tend to glean much more about language and its uses from our collective mother’s knee, bended by those in charge of our upbringing, to ensure that the after-school game, Mother May I, embeds itself in our verbiage.

We learn to speak correctly (The boys and I – not the boys and me).
We remember to respond politely (Please say thank you).
And we are careful to talk civilly (If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all).

Notwithstanding the old-school matriarchs who use literal soap to clean up language, BECKTALKS on TOPIC presents With a Civil Tongue, an interactive debate designed with a lively caveat.
Using the categories IN HERE and OUT THERE, the Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) chooses a timely topic each month and speaks to both sides of the issue. She then invites participants to join the debate with proper, courteous, and respectful responses.

Now here’s the twist: All responses must be in defense of the opposite position of the defender!

With a Civil Tongue hopes to promote a necessary back and forth that would make any mother proud.

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