Guest in the Pulpit Series – Rainbow Rising: Riding the Wave of Equality by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus

An equation, by nature, guarantees equal value on both sides of the page. And while the numbers may calculate neatly in the math books, true equality proves much more difficult to engineer.

In a world troubled by unbalanced social dynamics, inequities often plague everyday life as well: too much power here . . . not enough money there . . . a second-class sex and a put-upon gender.

Let’s not forget those who suffer a scarcity of rights or enjoy a bonus of representation. How fair is that?

In Rainbow Rising: Riding the Wave of Equality, a Guest in the Pulpit Sermon Series, Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) exposes the disproportion so evident in our lives. And, by drawing on the colorful energy centers at our very core, she hopes to start the process of stretching the rainbow of equality above us all.

The sermons by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) include: 

Topic: The Power Equation Color: Red

Title: Seeing Red: Staying Above the Power Fray

Topic: Gender Equation Color: Orange

Title: An Orange Ceiling: Recharging the Sexual Dynamic

Topic: The Balance Equation Color: Black and White

Title: Black Night / White Light: Poised on the Pivot of Equilibrium

Topic: The Freedom Equation Color: Yellow

Title: Beyond Gilding: Ushering in the Golden Age of Equal Rights

Topic: The Lifestyle Equation Color: Green

Title: It’s Not Easy Being Green: Coming Out and Staying Visible

Topic: The Status Equation Color: Blue

Title: The Royal Flush: Bringing Blue Bloods to Light

Topic: The Rights Equation Color: Purple

Title: A Purple Haze: Clearing the Way for True Representation

Topic: The Spiritual Equation Color: Violet

Title: Shrinking Violets No More: Soaring the Heights of Spiritual Equality

Topic: The Equal Equation Color: White and Black

Title: White, then Black: The Other End of the Rainbow

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