Guest in the Pulpit Series – Finding Our Place by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus

Fragile eco-systems, corrupt politics, sub-standard education, rampant discrimination, untamed violence, widespread poverty . . . the issues come at us from all sides and threaten to bury us in hopelessness. Such despair weighs heavily on us – as world citizens, as community members, and as next-door neighbors.

We must take a stand . . . make our voices heard . . . work towards the good of all.

But how? And where? And when?

Finding Our Place, a Guest in the Pulpit Sermon Series, is a series of homilies that investigate the issues facing us today with the hope of discovering our place in the world.

The sermons by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) include:

Fracturing Our Place on the Planet and Living in a Bruised World

Point Blank: Sighting the Specter at Violence

Raised Right: Broaching the Debate on Democracy

The Cap and Gown of American Education

Living on E: Recalculating the Price of Poverty

Sand in Our Shoes: Staying Steady in Our Walk Toward Equality

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