Guest in the Pulpit Sermon Series – Lift Every Voice by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus

The human voice resonates with a wonder both fascinating and intriguing at once – a breath of intentional air vibrates over human cords with the delicacy of a feather and the uniqueness of a fingertip. Biology aside, we all carry within ourselves an incredible gift of expression, whether we speak with an audible voice or not.

And, in today’s world, there is much to discuss:
Protecting the earth’s resources or promoting good living . . .

Making war to keep the peace . . .

Thriving under the opposition administration . . .

Saving vs spending to boost the economy . . .

Raising the minimum wage and watching the jobs move overseas . . .

Cultivating mindfulness in a distracted world . . .

complex issues all that defy simple solutions.

Lift Every Voice, a Guest in the Pulpit Sermon Series, explores all sides of such thorny topics. In the series Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) encourages us not only to find our voices but to lift them up in unison for the good of all.

The sermons by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) include:

Voices in the Wilderness

Pennies from Heaven: The Deep Reserves of Going Green

Live and Let Die: A Social Free-For-All

All In Flavor: The Taste of Democracy

Mad Money: The Wild Cord of Commerce

Take This Job: The Employment Glitch

Soulspeak: Amplifying the Inner Voice

Sing Out, Louise!

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