Guest in the Pulpit Sermon Series – Windows on the World by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus

Windows, especially clean ones, shine as a marvel to behold. They brighten up enclosed spaces and let in the lights and sights of the outside world.

Windows on the World, a Guest In The Pulpit Sermon Series, hopes to do just that.

The sermons by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) look at the realities of life from our view as well as the mysteries of the world beyond our purview through a more metaphysical frame:

The time we live in.

The place we inhabit.

The space below and above us.

The very people we are as individuals and as communities.

Through the series, Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus plans to bring our attendant realities into focus and our appropriate responses into play so that, Windex sparkle aside, we can open up our particular windows on the world and join in the movement to make it a more marvelous place to live.

The sermons include:
Circles and Squares: Whirling Through the Mandalas of Life

Seconds to Seasons: The Cycle of Now

Under the Stars: The Symmetry of Here

Up, Up and Away: The Spiral of Self

States of Center: The Stability of Other

Down Under
Beneath the Surface: The Depth of Below

The Place Beyond: Spotlight Out There


Opening the Windows to the World

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