MoMoMahr LifeSpeak Price List

MoMoMahr LifeSpeak Price List

Under the Canopy of Spiritual Direction©2018
Solo Sessions (1) $25.00 per hour
Partner Sessions (2) $40.00 per hour
Circle Sessions (3-5) $50.00 per hour

Workhorse Workshops©2018
Each workshop consists of two (2) sessions which are two (2) hours each.

Sacred Waves: Riding the Tide of Ministry Workshop©2018 $350.00

Self-Made Brands: A Designer Diversity Workshop©2018 $350.00

Turning Toward the Timepiece of Prayer Workshop©2018 $350.00

The Stuff That Dreams are Made On: A Night Dreams Workshop©2018 $350.00

Take Two: The 2% Formula Workshop ©2018 $350.00

If I Had a Hammer: A Facelift 15 Workshop©2018 $350.00