Drinks on the Deck

CHEERS . . . Raise a glass. Clink a drink. Join the chorus of high spirits that peal during the most festive hour of the day – a time set aside to get together and to get happy – laughing, talking, and, yes, drinking with each other.

But there is no need to traipse off to the nearest watering hole where everybody knows your name. The Rock Around the Block program, Drinks on the Deck, brings the party home . . . on the deck or around the fire.

Volunteer hosts provide the place. Deckers bring their own drinks and a snack to share. And then the party starts – weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

The Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus offers her services as a Drinks on the Deck coordinator for those interested in starting a program in the neighborhood.

The package includes:
A Drinks on the Deck kick off event,
The creation and maintenance of a Drinks on the Deck email list, a host list, a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly schedule with reminders,
Drinks on the Deck seasonal parties.

Drinks on the Deck adds a twist to jazz up any community and serves out a fun way to see what’s on tap in the neighborhood.

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