SpiritVoice Spiritual Direction

In the course of our lifetimes, voices of all kinds clamor for our attention. From a talkative partner to an insistent child, an articulate colleague to a chatty neighbor – all compete for a space in our lives. Not to be outshouted, the voices in our heads add to the mix . . . the call of conscience, the roar of emotions, the murmur of dreams. Inside or out, our lives sound rather noisy, don’t they?

Now articulating our persons through the vehicle of voice plays out as a uniquely human way to express ourselves and to understand others. But, sometimes, the everyday din muffles the voice of the divine and we miss an other-worldly communiqué from an active and ever present agent in the world, one that manifests its numinous energy within, through, and among all beings. Where in such a multi-faceted and complex world and among such a confusing and often deafening culture can we find a place to sit for a bit and to listen for a while?

The Reverend Rebecca Mahr Cartus offers SpiritVoice, a spiritual direction program for those who wish to hear the still, small voice of the sacred Spirit more clearly in their own lives. As a spiritual director Rev. Cartus accompanies people from all walks of life, at each level of spiritual development, and involved in a variety of relationships as they seek to live more finely tuned to the spirit.

With a selection of guidance programs based on both ancient and contemporary spiritual practices, participants can choose SpiritQuest for individual seekers, SpiritWorks for partners seeking together, and/or SpiritWatch for those seeking as a group. In all the SpiritVoice Spiritual Direction program provides a time and a place to sound out the complexity of the human spirit and to tune in to the mysteries of the sacred presence.

If you are interested in more information about the program, please reach out to Rev. Beck at talkto@momomahrspeaks.com. She looks forward to talking with you.

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