Simply Splendid Ceremonies

Simply Splendid Ceremonies make public the rites of passage that dot the landscapes of our lives together. And while the ceremonies stay true to the etiquette established for such formal occasions, they also allow for the parties involved to express themselves and their decisions in sacredly-held but totally unique ways.

As such Simply Splendid Ceremonies combine the grandeur of momentous occasions with the personality of individual participants.

Simply Splendid Ceremonies reflect the promise of new life, the excitement of new relationship, and the joy of new community with the following ceremonies:

Simply Splendid Christening Ceremony, a ceremony that recognizes the miracle of each birth;

Simply Splendid Wedding Ceremony, a ceremony which highlights the divine state of wholeness when two become one;

Simply Splendid Friendship Ceremony, a ceremony that extends the hand of fellowship and invites participation in communal life;

Simply Splendid Blessing Ceremony, a ceremony which consecrates all divinely-sent goodness that sprinkles grace on everyday living.

Simply Splendid Ceremonies also honor the age-old truism that all good things may come to an end with the following ceremonies:

Simply Splendid Divorce Ceremony, a ceremony meant to bring closure to an expired relationship and to clear the way toward a new connection;

Simply Splendid Memorial Ceremony, a ceremony to cherish the memories of the departed;

Simply Splendid Funeral Ceremony, a ceremony which gives the opportunity for each person to say good-bye.

Simply Splendid Ceremonies place no restrictions or requirements on those who wish to enact and to participate in a ceremony. One does not need to show a proof of membership or produce a statement of faith.

Neither lifestyle choice nor sexual orientation nor preferred gender act as prohibitions to any Simply Splendid Ceremonies which do not discriminate along the lines of gender, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religious opinions, or political affiliations.

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