Simply Splendid Services

Simply Splendid Services draw from basic principles of life, those that affirm and promote the special uniqueness present in each individual, the spectacular diversity inherent in every community, and the divine spirit encompassing all of life.

Scheduled according to the rhythm of the changing seasons, designed in the spirit of traditional symbols, and tied to the topics of the current times, Simply Splendid Services hope to foster spiritual growth, to tutor spiritual guidance, and to promote spiritual health.

Each service provides a time to come together and a place to gather ‘round – sitting in silence, speaking in depth, and focusing on the spiritual center of our collective core of being.

And each service shows us the way to return to our lives, carrying with us the light of individual illumination, the warmth of communal fellowship, and the spark of the numinous sacred.

As life whirls in a cycle of ceaseless change and repetition, CIRCLE OF LIFE Simply Splendid Services mark the quarter turns of the calendar with seasonal observances in the fall, the winter, the spring, and the summer.

CIRCLE OF LIFE, Simply Splendid Services, include:
a fall equinox service in September;
a winter solstice service in December;
a spring equinox service in March;
a summer solstice service in June.

Believing in the sacredness of the fundamental elements that define our lives, ESSENTIAL ELEMENT, Simply Splendid Services, seek to invest the components of everyday existence with a sacramental holiness.

ESSENTIAL ELEMENT, Simply Splendid Services, include:

The Simply Splendid Fire Service observes the dual nature of the flame, a spark of purification and regeneration as it burns and transforms. The service allows participants an opportunity to call forth each their own spark for the future as they rise from the ashes of the past.

The Simply Splendid Water Service gathers the ever-changing waters of individuality and mingles them together in a fountain of community that, in turn, refreshes and regenerates our common faith.

The Simply Splendid Earth Service ritualizes the grounding cycles of life, death, and new life and sacralizes the blooming of all that is stunning about ourselves and our world in a glorious display of diversity – a beauty carried on to adorn the world.

The Simply Splendid Wind Service breathes in the invisible mystery surrounding us and calls forth an infusion of the Spirit of life to animate us for the good of all.

Ever cognizant of our place in the neighborhood and in the country, HOLIDAY, Simply Splendid Services, mark the national holidays with programs that remember and honor all who serve toward the greater good. They include:
• Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day
• Presidents’ Day
• Earth Day
• Memorial Day
• Labor Day
• Veteran’s Day

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