Under the Canopy of Spiritual Direction

A canopy covers a multitude of things – elegant sleeping spaces, hungry wedding guests, avid star-gazers. Colorful, symbolic, sacred, even, a canopy stretches out over its occupants with a purpose to create a visible space and with a sign that invites all to come together – to sleep, to eat, to watch – under the canopy.

Spiritual direction marks a canopy of another sort, a sacred covering that enfolds the multi-faceted fragments of our contemporary world and provides a quiet place under which to pursue the complexity of the human spirit and the mysteries of the sacred presence.

Gathered under the canopy of spiritual direction, seekers can hope to explore the rich tapestry of authentic spirituality and to discover the excitement of a life grounded, lived, and celebrated in the Spirit.

As a spiritual director, Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) offers Under the Canopy of Spiritual Direction, a selection of unique guidance programs, based in both ancient and contemporary spiritual practices, for those seeking a richer, more spiritually-centered life.

The program includes:

SpiritQuest for individual seekers,

SpiritWork for partners seeking together,

SpiritWatch for those seeking as a group.

Each program is designed for people from all walks of life, at each level of spiritual development, and in a variety of relationships, to come under the canopy and to live out the true marks of a spirit-filled life.

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