WorkHorse WorkShops

WorkHorse WorkShops

Living well takes a lot of work. And the good life requires all of us, employed or not, to join the working class and to jump into the labor pool in order to get the job done. True, our duties in the office cubicle and on the factory floor rank important enough. But there is still much to do in the less 9 to 5 areas of our lives.

The details of lifestyle choices, family dynamics, and neighborhood quirks contribute, as well, to the complex and demanding world in which we live. Contemporary living, then, needs a “workhorse” attitude, a dedication to come together and to iron out the kinks that put a wrinkle in our progress towards a well-balanced life.

WorkHorse WorkShops, designed and delivered by Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM), purpose to tap into our inherent energy and to harness our ever-present creativity toward the end product of an authentic and more attentive life. In other words, a life well-lived.

WorkHorse WorkShops include:

Sacred Waves: Riding the Tide of Ministry Workshop

Turning Toward the Timepiece of Prayer Workshop

Take Two: The 2% Formula Workshop

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made On: A Night Dreams Workshop

Self-Made Brands: A Designer Diversity Workshop

If I Had a Hammer: A FaceLift 15 Workshop

A Motor Mouth Mahr Speaking Services Production