Sacred Waves: Riding the Tide of Ministry Workshop – A WorkHorse WorkShop

Life swirls around us with a dynamism both grand and minute at once. Witness the smear of galactic stars, scattered across the cosmos in glittery curls.
Notice the whorls of delicate touch imprinted on our fingertips.
Take in the ocean’s poetry in motion – tides rolling in and out, waves orchestrating the waters into crashing crescendos.

What a wonder to behold! The spirals of life’s energy surround us with forces, concentric and centripetal at once.

Makes for a spirited life.

Makes for a lively ministry, too.
The swell of circumstances.
The wind of the Spirit.
The call to community.
The ups and downs of leadership.

All move in a rising tide of rotating forces.
And all beckon us to join the ride.

The Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) focuses on community ministry in Sacred Waves: Riding the Tide of Ministry Workshop, a WorkHorse WorkShop. The interactive session includes opportunities for individual groups to affirm their visions, to connect with each other, and to commit, one to the other, to riding the exciting tide of ministry together.

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