Take Two: The 2% Formula Workshop – A WorkHorse WorkShop

Two percent . . . What a minuscule amount! Take 2% of a hundred bucks. The total is a whopping two dollars, barely enough to buy an overly-decorated cup of coffee these days. Yet the 2% formula comes in handy, especially when cutting back on the bad-rap cholesterol in a tall and creamy glass of milk.

And the same formula – the one that separates the fat from the lean while letting us have our milk and drink it, too – works for organizational finances, as well. Especially for the groups who depend on the milk of human kindness to keep the doors open and the lights on.

The Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM) uses the health-conscious equation Take Two: The 2% Formula Workshop, a WorkHorse WorkShop, and applies it to the time, the talent, and the treasure that nourish and sustain voluntary organizations, helping them to encourage investments and to generate revenue.

More importantly, the fund raising workshop discovers fresh ways to pay forward the future, 2% at a time.

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