Turning Toward the Timepiece of Prayer Workshop – A WorkHorse WorkShop

Timepieces, especially portable ones, give us a leg up in the race for time . . . or so we believe. No longer do we have to run to the nearest sundial to check the time. We now carry the time with us, around our necks or in our pockets or on our wrists. Should give us more time, right?

Truth be told, carting the time around on an antique fob or a bejeweled wrist adds not one iota of such a precious commodity to our lives. We can spring forward or fall back all we want. No matter. Each of us has a mere twenty-four hours a day at our disposal. Not one second more. Not one minute less.

In Turning Toward the Timepiece of Prayer Workshop, a WorkHorse WorkShop, Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus(FCM) looks anew at the ancient litany of The Divine Hours, a prayer schedule that shows us how to match our daily rhythms to the universal clock of cosmic time.

Through it, we can find the time to fashion a real-life piece of every day – to stop for a stretch, to listen for a while, and to commune more deeply with the Divine Source of all time.

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